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“The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is knowledge of our own ignorance.”
~~Benjamin Franklin

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Distinguished Alumni Order of the Kite Recipients

Honored May 2011
Claire (Snyder) Phillips, 1926. After husband was killed in a Japanese prison camp, Phillips became an American spy in the Philippines and World War II hero.  Her experiences are self-described in the autobiography Manila Espionage.
Johnnie Ray, 1946 – pop singer.  Famous for song “Little Cloud that Cried.”
Douglas Engelbart, 1942 – Inventor of the computer mouse during the early 60’s while at Stanford Research Institute.  Stanford kept the patent.

Honored May 2012
John Hilsenteger, 1957 – Dedication to FHS and his accomplishments as a newspaper Sports Writer
Lucille (Cole) Davis, 1950 – Contributions to the Alumni Association
Carl Diez, 1938 – Member of the Tuskegee Airman, the first and only all-black military aviators (pilots and ground crew,) who fought in Europe during WWII.

Honored May 2013
Howard (Hobby) Hobson, 1922 – Contributions to University of Oregon basketball.  Coached the Oregon Webfoots, nicknamed the “Tall Firs,” to win the first ever NCAA national basketball championship in 1939.
Justice Jack Landau, 1971 – Presiding Judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals
Pam Knuth, 1975 – Contributions to the Alumni Association

Honored June 2014
Joyce Gago, 1954 – Dedication to FHS and contributions to the Alumni Association
James Aalberg, 1967 – Donations and support of the Alumni Association

Honored May 2016
Janette (Entrikin) Sprando, 1951  –  Founding Member;  Serves as Board Secretary
Dave Evans, 1955  –  Founding Member; Serves as Sgt at Arms
Mal Watt, 1950  –  Founding Member; Leadership through service
Vi Watt, LHS  –  Founding Member; Serves as Consultant to the Board


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