Board Meetings

Friends and Alumni,
           Franklin’s memories began to fade and become a distant past from us. Come to join us on the second Saturday of every month at 9:45 in the FHS Alumni Room at Franklin and get involved in activities helping to promote the future of Franklin High School and the students currently attending and past attendance of FHS. Become a Board Member or Friend of the Board. I look forward to seeing you!!
Pam Knuth  75′ Franklin H.S. Alumni President

The Franklin High Alumni Association Board meets on the second Saturday of the month at Franklin High School room M-126 at 10:00 AM.  Coffee and donuts are served.  Come to the Board meeting,  All alumni are welcome!

Message Hot Line 503.972.3396  or  E-Mail

FHS Alumni Association Board of Directors

President: Pam Knuth, 1975
Vice President:  April Avery, 1967
Secretary:  Janette Sprando, 1951
Secretary, Database:  Judy Orem, 1962
Recording Secretary:  Carol Blair, 1954
Treasurer:  Lucille Davis, 1950
Historian:  Terrie Bollinger, 1967
Webmaster: Alexander Rodriguez, 2016
FHS Liaison: Joyce Gago, 1954

Board Members:
Bev Entrikin, 1960
Stu Johnson, 1952
Steve Matthews, 1970
Phil Schnabel, 1956
Kristin Palmer, 2001
Alexander Rodriguez, 2016
Mal Watt, 1950  Board Emeritus
Vi Watt, Board Emeritus

                              “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
                                                                             ~Benjamin Franklin

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