Franklin Now

Ever wonder how Franklin has changed since you attended?
What follows is a profile of Franklin Now (school year 2018-19.)

Student Body:  currently there are 1700 students.  58% qualify for Free/Reduced meals.  41% are Minority and they speak 34 languages.  After English, 131 speak Spanish, 114 Vietnamese, 88 Cantonese and many others from Arabic to Ukrainian.  To graduate, students must earn 24 Credits and meet PPS criteria for the State Essential Skills test.  In addition to high school level classes, rigorous coursework is offered in  Advanced Placement.  Successful completion of AP courses can result in college credit.  Sports include Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Softball, and Track and Field.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
~~Benjamin Franklin


Staff: Franklin is managed by four Administrators led by Principal Chris Frazier.  The Staff includes 90+ Teachers (8+ in Special Education), 2 Psychologists, 5 Counselors, a Business Manager, an Athletic Director, 2 Speech Therapists, 6 Secretaries, 8+ Custodians, and 6+ Cafeteria servers.  Students are protected by 3 Portland Public Schools Campus Monitors and Portland Police (SRO) patrolmen.

Coursework:  In addition to the expected classes in English, Math, Science, and History, students are obliged to develop a Personal Education Plan, participate in Career Related Learning Experiences, demonstrate Career Related Knowledge and Skills, and complete an Extended Application.  Nowadays, students must earn only 1 credit for P.E. and 1 for Health and 6 Electives to graduate.  There are many classes offered in  Business and Technology, Family and Consumer, Industrial Technology, both wood, and metal shop. The Performing Arts; Dance, Theatre, Band, Choir.  Students can learn Mandarin Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Robotics, Mock Trial/Debate, Ceramics.

Academic Performance:   the Advanced Scholar Program is changing lives and changing Franklin.  According to one student, by 2009, Franklin was well on its way to becoming a ghetto school.  Then in 2010, Teacher Susan Bartley began the ASP, which requires students to accept the challenge of at least one AP class each year.  This was a substantial change in educational philosophy, from Remediation to Rigorous Coursework.  By 2013, 30% of Franklin’s students were taking AP courses.  Read about their experiences in this Willamette Week article written by Rachel Graham Cody.  While Franklin’s on-time graduation rate is still a meager 67%, student 11th Grade test scores exceed PPS scores in Math 77 to 69, in Reading 89 to 83, in Writing 67 to 65 and in Science 59 to 55, a remarkable comeback from just a few years ago.


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