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We have a family of more than 15,000 Franklin Alumni, which include over 700 paying members! We are always looking to build and expand our alumni base, so we can help you reconnect with friends, and support the current students who carry on our legacy.

Your involvement helps us give back to Franklin’s students and teachers through grants for scholarships, art, band, drama, dance, clubs, sports, mascots, shop, metalwork, ceramics, books, journalism, campus groundskeeping, and even a helping hand for our students without a consistent place to call home.

Franklin High School Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your membership helps fund the FHS Teacher/Student Wish Fund*, the FHSAA General Fund**, and the PTSA.

Two Ways Join Us!

  1. Complete the convenient online Membership form below to become a new or renewed FHSAA member.
  2. Or, print and mail our Membership Form and a $15.00 check to FHS Alumni Association, P.O. Box 86040, Portland, OR 97286-0040.

Want to give more?

Use the Donation Form after the Membership Form to specify your donations over and above your annual dues. Thank you for your generous support!

Membership Form

  • *The convenience of online payment includes a 75¢ processing fee. If you wish to avoid the fee, feel free to pay with a check by mail.

Donation Form

    Mail your check to FHS Alumni Association, P.O. Box 86040, Portland, OR 97286-0040
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If you prefer to donate by check, then FHSAA will receive the full amount of your donation. PayPal charges us approximately $2.50 for every $100 donation.

Print this 1-page PDF Donation Form and mail it along with your check to FHS Alumni Association, P.O. Box 86040, Portland, OR 97286-0040.

Thank you for your generous donation.

*FHS Teacher/Student Wish List Fund — Special requests by teachers and students for needs not covered in the District budget. All donations designated to the Wish List (listed on the Membership Form below) will be used only for those purposes.

**FHSAA General Fund — Revenue sources are your annual membership dues and donations. They cover our operating expenses (website, phone, stationery, etc.) the printing and mailing costs of the twice-yearly Alumni Post, publicity mailings and event expenses related to the Membership Luncheon, the Distinguished Order of the Kite, the Alumni Picnic, and student essay competition and teacher appreciation coffee in celebration of Ben Franklin’s Birthday.

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