Order of the Kite



*Updated 2021*


The Order of the Kite is awarded by the Board of Directors of Franklin High School Alumni Association and presented by the President to nominated and selected Alumni who demonstrate significant and extraordinary accomplishments and service to their community, state, and/or country.


Individuals who have attended and/or graduated from Franklin High School are eligible for the award and must be nominated by a person unrelated to the nominee. The award can be given to nominees posthumously.


Selected individuals will have shown outstanding contributions to their community, profession, cause, or life activity. The individual’s commitment, dedication, and service was/is performed with the utmost integrity, moral focus, and professionalism. Those individuals receiving the award are considered role models for current and future generations of Franklin High School students.


The maximum number of awardees in any given year will be limited to three.

Individuals who wish to nominate a person for the award must fill out the FHSAA Order of the Kite Nomination Form and mail it to:


PO Box 86040

Portland, Oregon 97286

Awards are presented annually at the Alumni Membership Luncheon in May.


History – The inaugural Year 2011

(most recent at the bottom)         

May 2011         

Douglas Engelbart – 1942 – Inventor of the computer mouse

Johnnie Ray – 1947 – Pop Singer

Claire (Snyder) Phillips – (I can’t find her grad year, probably late 1930’s) – An American spy and World War II hero

May 2012           

Lucille (Cole) Davis – 1950 – Contributions to the Alumni Association

Carl Diez – 1938 – Tuskegee Airman

John Hilsenteger – 1957 – Dedication to FHS and his accomplishments as a Sports Writer

May 2013  

Howard (Hobby) Hobson – 1922 – Contributions to Basketball at the University of Oregon

Pam Knuth – 1975 – Contributions to the Alumni Association

 Justice Jack Landau – 1971 – Presiding Judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals

June 2014          

James Aalberg – 1967 – Donations and support of the Alumni Association

Joyce Stroud Gago – 1954 – Contributions to the Alumni Association

May 2015           

Darlene Snodgrass Cain – 1954 – Lifetime commitment to of mission of the American Diabetes Association

Judson Taylor – 1956 – Service to the educational field and serving as president emeritus of State University of New York, Cortland

Ken Thrasher – 1967 – Support of FHS and ongoing philanthropic activities in our community

May 2016     

Dave Evans – 1955 – Commitment to FHSAA for 11 years

Mal Watt – 1950 – Commitment to FHSAA for 11 years

Janette Sprando – 1951 – Commitment to FHSAA for 11 years

Vi Watt – Lincoln High School – FHSAA Advisor and Commitment to FHSAA for 11 years

May 2017            No awards were given

May 2018 

Garry Lee – 1965 – Commitment to FHSAA as Vice President and President for 5 years

Judy McAllister Orem – 1962 – Dedication to FHSAA and maintenance of the database

May 2019           

April Whitley Avery – 1967 – Tireless efforts in support of FHSAA

Daniel Weeks – 1962 – Service to the United States as a member of the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps with Special Honor helping detain John Hinckley in the assassination attempt of President Regan

May 2020            No awards were given

May 2021           

Ann Heim Biggs – 1968 – Tireless efforts in support of FHSAA

Carol Summerhalder Blair – 1954 – The glue that keeps the “Alumni Post” going

Stu Johnson – 1952 – Service to FHSAA as a member, Vice President and President

Mark Lindley – 1975 – Attorney supporting FHSAA

Steve Matthews – 1970 – Alumni Board Treasurer

Scott Santangelo – 1979 – His amazing commitment to Franklin as the Athletic Director for 23 years     

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