Order of the Kite

Older award winners will be posted at a later date.

Our 2021 Recipients

Ann (Heim) Biggs, Class of ’68. Ann works tirelessly as our Correspondence Secretary.
Carol (Summerhalder) Blair, Class of ’54. Carol is the glue that keeps the “Alumni Post” together.
Stu Johnson, Class of ’52. Stu was instrumental in building the Association into what it is today. Stu served as Vice President and President.
Mark Lindley, Class of ’75. Mark has been working with the Alumni Board, pro bono, preparing our By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation since 2005.
Steve Matthews, Class of 70. Steve was the Business Manager at FHS for a number of years and when he retired from PPS he took over as the Alumni Board Treasurer and does an excellent job, keeping track of all the donations and filings that must happen during every fiscal year.
Scott Santangelo (Tango), Class of ’79. Scott graduated college with an educational degree. He was hired at Franklin and eventually became the Athletic Director and Scott has given his all to the Athletic Programs.

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