Class Rep List: Class Leaders & Reunion Planners

Class Leaders can be anyone, former class officers, or those able and willing to step forward. Thanks to all the Class Leaders who organize and hold the class together long after graduation.

FHSAA would like to hear from class representatives involved in planning reunions. Please email us with “Reunion” in the subject line. Include information (dates, location, contacts, etc.) about upcoming reunions to be published.

Check whether your class is represented. If not, contact Ann Biggs at If you wish to connect with a Class Representative, we will forward your email.


1972 Class Reunion

September 10, 2022, Venue TBD

Contact: Karen Siegle

Class Representatives

1951  Janette Sprando
1953  Mary Lou Wiggins Prosser
1954  Janet Goodrich Hastings
1955  Annette Atkinson Hunt
1956  John Holcomb
1956  Linda Gehring
1958  Beverly Bergstrom Richenstein
1960  Beverly Blanchard Entrikin
1961  Sheryl Kowalchuk
1962  Elaine Griffith 
1963  Gail Tester
1964  Cheryl Bennett
1965  Linda Lu McKinney
1966  Bonnie Westerberg Cottrell
1968 Ann Biggs
1970  Corriene Brown Arehart
1970  Michael Evans
1971  Rod Hildenbrand
1972  Karen Siegle
1973  Carol Kubiak
1975  Pam Knuth
1976  Diana Barnes
1977  Sally Lee
1978  Richard Melton
1979  Jill Knuth Barnett
1980  Mike Walters
1993  Beth Pulito

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